Capote: A Biography

by Gerald Clarke

Hardcover, 1988




New York : Simon and Schuster, c1988.


A biography of the American author including his childhood, emergence as a young writer, introduction to the jet set, travels, years of struggle, and descent into a life of alcohol and quarrelsome lovers.

User reviews

LibraryThing member rainpebble
I found "Capote" to be quite a good read. It was interesting and very different for me. I found it rather fascinating to find that Clarke had not written a novel before. He was a journalist which I am certain aided him greatly in his research of this book.
Capote was a very colorful and unique individual with gifts and talents way beyond his use of them. I think he very much let "the plastic life" get in the way of his work. He definitely knew how to get what he wanted from people and he worked very hard to that end. He also had a wonderful work ethic when he was working on a project. I think he was a huge talent and that he just wasted so much of what he had to offer the literary world.
I also think Capote was a scalawag. He allowed no slight to pass by. He had to do "payback" even if it attributed to his self-destruction.
I found the first 3/4 of the book wonderful reading. The last quarter of the book I guess I could have done without because I am old enough to remember his downfall and to remember watching it and reading about it.
Truman Capote was, however, a truly one of a kind personality and I am glad that I read the book.
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LibraryThing member BinnieBee
I enjoyed the book very much. It was quite lengthy so at times I tended to scan rather than really "read", but I would recommend it.
LibraryThing member jennyo
This was, without a doubt, the best biography I've ever read. Clarke couldn't have had a more interesting subject to write about. Capote's life seemed somehow larger than most, and Clarke makes you feel as if you were right there watching the action. He seems to have adopted Capote's In Cold Blood technique; he removes himself as a narrator and lets the events of Truman's life unfold as if he were writing a novel, a novel with some of the richest characters ever created. Yet it's entirely based on fact. It's absolutely fascinating and well worth a read whether you're a Capote fan or not.… (more)
LibraryThing member Nahotep
Gives great insight into its subject, skips around chronologically a bit too much, but is quite well written overall.
LibraryThing member jmatson
Well written and documented biography of Truman Capote.

Incandescent rise and dark and depressing fall.

Good read.
LibraryThing member sbrca
Well researched. Excellent!
LibraryThing member michaelbartley
a first rate biography of truman capote. a very talented but flawed and tragic man. he was a greek tragic person excellent story



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