Wine: An Introduction

by M. A. Amerine

Other authorsVernon L. Singleton (Joint Author.)
Hardcover, 1977




Berkeley : University of California Press, 1976, c1977.


The first edition of this book was the winner of the Wine and Food Society Andr#65533; Simon Prize for the best contribution, in English, to the literature of gastronomy, in 1965. For this revised edition the authors have included up-to-date statistical information and new material on grape growing and wine making techniques, reflecting the ever increasing importance of wine in American life.

User reviews

LibraryThing member melonbrawl
Nice little book. This covers the basics of wine science and varietals of major wine exporting regions. A lot of the interest for me comes from the fact that the book was written in 1965 -- a tremendous amount has changed since then, both in the California wine market and in the cultural approach to wine in this country.



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