Shinohata, a portrait of a Japanese village

by Ronald Philip Dore

Hardcover, 1978




New York : Pantheon Books, c1978.


Ronald Dore offers the reader insight into the changing rural life of Japan in this fascinating study of a village some 100 miles from Tokyo where he lived first in 1955 and again in the early 1970s. A new Afterword reports on the acceleration of change to a once self-sufficient community most of whose young men now commute to city jobs instead of working the land. Dore comments on the effects of the 1993 election--Shinohata in a non-LDP-governed Japan.

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LibraryThing member bespen
Having read two books on Japan by British authors, I am always pleased by dry sense of humor they bring to their work. The nonchalance with which Dore described the practice of "nightcrawling" by salacious youths had me chuckling to myself for hours.

However, this was an excellent book for seeing rural japanese life as it was and is. Of particular interest was the observerations the author made over twenty years as the country began its rapid industrial growth after the second world war.

There are enough tidbits (or as Dore would say, "titbits") here to keep me entranced for a long time. I might revisit this book again sometime.
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