The Holy Sinner

by Thomas Mann

Other authorsH.T. Lowe-Porter (Translator), George Salter (Cover artist)
Hardcover, 1951





New York, Knopf, 1951.


THE BOOK: An epic arch sinfulness, The Holy Sinner is one of Thomas Mann's great works. From the incestuous union of the two beautiful children of the Duke Grimald of Flanders a boy is borrn. Left to die at sea, the child is eventually rescued & brought up in holiness on the channel islands. Only after marrying his mother does the child come to realise the unwitting - and witting - extent of his crime against nature.

User reviews

LibraryThing member js229
Surprisingly readable despite the unpromising synopsis; the shrunken Gregory on a rock in the middle of a lake rather reminded me of Voldemort in exile. (Read in a seacaptain's house in Whitby)
LibraryThing member PossMan
This is a book about a man who is born from the union of brother and sister and as a baby is delivered to the sea in a cask. Brought up by monks he eventually goes in search of his parents and ends up marrying his mother. Then follow many years of penance on a rock in the middle of a lake. He then is sought out and becomes Pope. In this role he is rediscovered by his mother. I first bought this book in 1966, over 30 years ago, and remembered it as a wonderful book. I have just re-read it and it does little for me.… (more)



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