The Cat Inside

by William S. Burroughs

Hardcover, 1992




New York : Viking, 1992.


There is an unexpected side to William Burroughs - the author of weird and disturbing fictions had a great fondness for cats. This is his earnest appreciation of the cats he knew, a record of his dreams of cats, and a meditation on the long, mysterious relationship between cats and their human hosts. In The Cat Inside, Burroughs is touching when writing of the many strays he took in over the years, disdainful of dogs ('self-righteous as a lynch mob'), always erudite and surprisingly caring - it is a genuine revelation, for Burroughs fans and cat lovers alike. 'Heartwarming anecdotes . . . Burroughs ventures galaxies away from his usual twisted literary turf.' Time 'Burroughs's contact with cats put him in touch with himself.' Harper's Bazaar… (more)

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LibraryThing member JaneEyreZombieHunter
While the central theme of these vignettes is ostensibly Burroughs' love of cats, the observant reader with a knowledge of Burroughs' biography will notice that the vignettes are about his feelings of attachment or detachment to the rest of humanity, most notably in the "cat/baby" entry, in which
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he confronts his horror at his own inability to understand, relate to, or effectively parent his son, Billy.
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LibraryThing member Sandydog1
A tiny book comprising 100% pet cat essays, each dream-like, sentimental and just a few sentences long.

The Burroughsian pederasty and heroin references are mild, but dogs get a real, real bad rep, and that's just tough to take.
LibraryThing member BlackGlove
The cats claws
It's interesting to read William Burroughs's observations and insights about the cats he befriended throughout his life.
Heartfelt, candid and mostly unsentimental, each fragment offers food for thought or a snapshot memory.
All told this curious little book is worth a read, even if you
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are not a fan of the man and his work. But if you have a soft spot for the true nature of the feline, and if you enjoy aphoristic writing tinged with dark humour and frankness, then perhaps this slim volume should slink its way onto your bookshelf.
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