The Last Words of Dutch Schultz: A Fiction in the Form of a Film Script

by William S. Burroughs

Paper Book, 1993





New York : Arcade, 1993.

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LibraryThing member librarianbryan
I've started revisiting Burroughs after years of neglect. Based on the real life last words of gangster Dutch Schultz, Burroughs presents Schultz' life as experimental film. Burroughs' nightmarish surrealism only appears in controlled bursts. (Many argue this when his work his most effective. See my review of the new audio version of Naked Lunch I'll be writing soon.)I recommend this book to anyone interest in old school gangsters or experimental film. It's a shame this was never shot by a good director with a proper budget.The Viking Press hardback is littered with great period photographs and art deco design work.… (more)



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