Jar of Fools

by Jason Lutes

Paper Book, 1997




Montreal, Quebec : Black Eye Books, 1997


Haunted by a failed romance and the death of his escape-artist brother, Ernie Weiss is a washed-up stage magician whose remaining hope lies in his ageing mentor, Al Fosso. But Al is slipping further into senility with each passing day. Meanwhile, Esther O'Dea, Ernie's ex-love, struggles to find peace in her own life, and then a con-man named Nathan Lender sets some mysterious plans in motion that will affect the futures of them all. Fascinating and tragicomic, Jar of Fools is a classic of its genre.

User reviews

LibraryThing member mschaefer
Young magician cannot get over the death (or suicide) of his brother during an escapist act. Compelling reading.
LibraryThing member bookwormteri
Just beautiful and heartbreaking. The story of a man at loose ends, a man and his daughter drifting, an old magician escaping from the end of his life, a woman who desperately needs to start over, and how they come together.
LibraryThing member verenka
A sad little graphic novel about a magician out on his luck. He lost his brother in a failed escapist trick or possible suicide. His girlfriend left him, his former teacher is becoming senile. When he encounters a scam artist and his little daughter and everything gets better and worse.
LibraryThing member JesseTheK
Full of ghosts--the principal characters each carry one, w Harry Houdini haunting the whole enterprise. Lute's lines are as always excellent. The story hopes to be Hemingway but doesn't get there.



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