Jar of Fools

by Jason Lutes

Paper Book, 1997




Montreal, Quebec : Black Eye Books, 1997


Ernie is an alcoholic stage magician haunted by lost love and his brother's suicide, and he's hooked up with his senile mentor in one last effort to sort his life out. But Ernie needs to keep Flosso the Magnificent with him in the present and by his side to guide Ernie through these difficult days. These two magicians have run out of escape tricks but they can't stop running. Esther is still numb with grief for Ernie's brother. She works at a coffee shop and has allowed her heart to simply atrophy while a torrent of rage builds slowly inside her. Nathan Lender is a small time grifter living on his wits and in a car with his twelve-year-old daughter, Claire. He's running out of time to fix the past and make things right for his daughter. One morning Nathan Lender makes the mistake of trying to con Esther at the coffee counter. Circumstance will bring a desperate group of people together, all at the end of their rope. An unlikely kind of love grows from these broken people who discover the act of self-sacrifice can perform miracles.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member mschaefer
Young magician cannot get over the death (or suicide) of his brother during an escapist act. Compelling reading.
LibraryThing member bookwormteri
Just beautiful and heartbreaking. The story of a man at loose ends, a man and his daughter drifting, an old magician escaping from the end of his life, a woman who desperately needs to start over, and how they come together.
LibraryThing member verenka
A sad little graphic novel about a magician out on his luck. He lost his brother in a failed escapist trick or possible suicide. His girlfriend left him, his former teacher is becoming senile. When he encounters a scam artist and his little daughter and everything gets better and worse.



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