Mome: Summer 2005

Other authorsEric Reynolds
Paper Book, 2005





Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2005


by Various The first volume of Mome features John Pham's "221 Sycamore Street," Paul Hornschemeier's graphic novella "Life with Mr. Dangerous," Anders Nilsen's "The Beast," and more.

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LibraryThing member dr_zirk
The first issue of Mome is full of promise, if a bit disappointing in the actual delivery. A beautifully printed periodic journal of contemporary comic art is much-needed, and Fantagraphics is the most logical company to deliver this type of content. Contributions in the debut issue include
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interesting items from Andrice Arp, Martin Cendreda and Kurt Wolfgang, unfortunately matched up with dull offerings from Gabrielle Bell, Jeffrey Brown, Sophie Crumb, and John Pham. David Heatley manages to almost sink the entire venture with his execrable "Overpeck", but if the first installment of Mome is weak on its own merits, it nonetheless points the way to a better future, since some re-arrangement of the cast of players should be all that is needed to revive the show.
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