My New York Diary

by Julie Doucet

Paper Book, 1999




Montreal : Drawn & Quarterly Publications, 1999.


THE CLASSIC GRAPHIC NOVEL, BACK IN PRINT Back in print is the classic graphic novel by the acclaimed (though no longer working in comics) iconic artist Julie Doucet. In My New York Diary - one of the first contemporary graphic novels - Doucet abruptly packs her bags and moves to New York. Trouble follows her in the form of a jealous boyfriend, insecurity about her talent, her worsening epilepsy, and a tendency to self-medicate with booze and drugs.

User reviews

LibraryThing member EnidaV
I read this in a very small paperback edition in which all the illustrations appeared painfully, eye-squeezingly busy and small. Doucet fills up every last square millmetre with little objects and detail, all of which I felt compelled to look despite the headache I rapidly developed.
If I'd seen this book in the format it deserved and clearly needed (at least half again as big!) I would have given it 5 stars.… (more)



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