Sugar and Other Stories

by A. S. Byatt

Hardcover, 1987





New York : Scribner's, c1987.


It should come as no surprise that short stories by the author of the magical Possession are populated by erudite paranoiacs, witches, changelings, and the ghost of a dead child. A S Byatt's short fictions explore the fragile ties between generations, the dizzying abyss of loss and the elaborate memories we construct against it, resulting in a book that compels us to inhabit other lives and returns us to our own with new knowledge, compassion, and a sense of wonder.

User reviews

LibraryThing member iubookgirl
I was first turned on to Byatt by a lovely woman who loved English fiction due to the time she spent abroad. Though A. S. Byatt is acclaimed for her novels like Possession, I find her short stories much more readable and engaging. This is my favorite of her collections.
LibraryThing member KayCliff
Themes seem to run from story to story. The first two are both about differences between generations (women's); 2-4 about death and survival, and attitude to ancestors, which links with former generations in 1; No 5, `The dried witch', ends with her death and survival. Also theme of woman ageing, which carries on through 7, 9, 10 (Juliana). Then 6 and 7 are about literature and language. The heroine of 6 is a lecturer in lit; of 7 is a writer, with treatment again of the theme of death. The heroine of 8 is another woman writer, now introducing the theme of fear - or carrying it on from the end of previous story. Fear (woman's) is main theme of next story, 9. Sudden death, literature (and art), and one generation investigating an earlier one, in 10.
Then the last one, 11, which gives the collection its title, and from which
the cover pictures derive. It chiefly reverts to theme of family history, inter-generational relations, development.
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