Behind My Eyes

by Li-Young Lee

Hardcover, 2008





New York : W.W. Norton, 2008. Includes CD


Combining sensitivity and eloquence with a broad appeal, Li-Young Lee walks in the footsteps of Stanley Kunitz and Billy Collins as one of the United States's most beloved poets. Playful, erotic, at times mysterious, his work describes the immanent value of everyday experience. Straightforward language and simple narratives become gateways to the most powerful formulations of beauty, wisdom, and divine love.

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LibraryThing member Cariola
Spare but nonetheless moving, Lee's collection of poems draw on his background as the child of immigrant parents, his curiosity about the past, the conflict between a desire to assilimlate and a struggle against it.
LibraryThing member whitewavedarling
Lee's poems are consistently stunning, pulling together careful observation, powerful language, and graceful moments in any given line and stanza. Falling into his work is something like journeying into another space and another mind, his poems are each, from beginning to end, so carefully
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constructed. And yet, they seem effortless, and they are readable and engaging. Few poems in this collection are not stand-outs, and in most collections, any of these poems would leap from the pages and demand attention and re-reading.

Simply, Lee's work is powerful and forever worth reading, forever worth sharing.

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LibraryThing member b.masonjudy
I imagine drinking a lot of tea while reading Behind My Eyes. I didn't but it would've felt right as Lee wraps playful and theologically weighty symbolism into quite common, mundane experiences. It was light, artful, but the poems lacked a gravitas that I appreciate, that hits me in the gut.



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