Winter Morning Walks: One Hundred Postcards to Jim Harrison

by Ted Kooser

Paper Book, 2000





Pittsburgh, Pa. : Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2000.


A collection of poetry by Ted Kooser.

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LibraryThing member brianfay
This is a good book of solid observational poetry. Kooser's postcards, though they are meant for Jim Harrison, resonate as messages sent directly to me. I fell into the idea of one poem a day, one walk a day, one more day. It's a small book to be sure, Kooser wasn't reaching with this one and I
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imagine that academics might treat it with disdain, but it's the conversational intimacy of the thing that works for me.

I haven't always loved Kooser's stuff. Some of it strikes me as stuffy and stodgy, but this is much more open and it's a simple matter to fall in step with him in those early hours of the morning and listen to every word he says. And as for those words, they are lean and spare. There aren't many of them. These are afterall postcards. I find that each one is quickly scanned but not very soon forgotten.
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