Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry: Essays

by Jane Hirshfield

Paper Book, 1998




New York : HarperPerennial, 1998.


One of America's best-known & most respected poets offers a collection of nine essays that, taken together, constitute an intriguing primer on reading poetry. Just as a gate enables passage from outside to inside, so poetry forges a connection between our outer and inner lives. One who enters completely into the experience of a poem is initiated into a deeper intimacy with life. In this brilliant and lucid series of nine essays, award-winning poet Jane Hirshfield teaches us to open our own gates of perception to recognize and appreciate the poetry in our lives.

User reviews

LibraryThing member vpfluke
This is a great book for stepping inside of poetry. It is not a textbook, but an evocative essay of ways that bring us into the poetic mind/spirit. Hirshfield herself is a very good poet, and also is able to teach poetry and writing -- a kind of transcendent gift, which many writers do not have. She is able to bring psychological and spiritual views as well as as standard literary process into this book and does an admirable job. She uses example most frequenly from English language poetry, but frequently illustrates with Japanese examples, allwoing the reader to get an unexpected facet of of the subject. She handles ideas about meter, imagery, the relation to experience and nature with considerable deftness. She even looks at the lion that may sit inside a poet's heart.… (more)
LibraryThing member Kali.Lightfoot
Beautifully written but I found it curiously hard to pay attention to. It was almost as though she writing for the beauty of it, not to communicate concepts. My mind kept wandering as I read.
LibraryThing member dasam
Jane Hirshfield is not just one of the finest poets writing today, she is also one of the best writers about the craft and art of poetry and its place in our contemporary world. This collection of essays is not just for the student of poetry but for anyone who cares about language and the need for art to make us wholly human.… (more)



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