The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry

by J. D. McClatchy

Other authorsChip Kidd (Cover designer)
Paper Book, 2003




New York : Vintage Books, 2003. Second Edition.


A collection of poems from the iconic poets of the past half-century, from Robert Lowell to Yusef Komunyakaa, from Sylvia Plath to Heather McHugh. Dazzling in its range, exhilarating in its immediacy and grace, this collection gathers together, from every region of the country and from the past forty years, the poems that continue to shape our imaginations. From Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop, John Ashbery and Adrienne Rich, to Robert Haas and Louise Gluck, this anthology takes the full measure of our poetry's daring energies and its tender understandings.

User reviews

LibraryThing member AsYouKnow_Bob
A pretty high-powered anthology ("65 Outstanding Poets"); and while the selections are certainly impressive, I'm a bit perplexed just how Plath and Roethke (both d.1963) (...and Jarrell (d. 1965) and Berryman (d. 1972) and R.Lowell (d.1977) &c...) get included in a book of "Contemporary" poetry first published in 1990. "27 years ago" strikes me as a rather over-liberal definition of "Contemporary".… (more)
LibraryThing member isetziol
Unsure about reading anything called "contemporary" poetry. Don't be. These poems are largely accessible, and most enjoyable.



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