The Will to Power

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Other authorsWalter Kaufmann (Translator)
Hardcover, 1967




Random House, (1967)


'This world is the will to power - and nothing besides! And even you yourselves are this will to power - and nothing besides!' One of the great minds of modernity, Friedrich Nietzsche smashed through the beliefs of his age. These writings, which did much to establish his reputation as a philosopher, offer some of his most powerful and troubling thoughts- on how the values of a new, aggressive elite will save a nihilistic, mediocre Europe, and, most famously, on the 'will to power' - ideas that were seized upon and twisted by later readers. Taken from Nietzsche's unpublished notebooks and assembled by his sister after his death, The Will to Powernow appears in a clear, fluent new translation, with previous errors corrected in light of the original manuscripts. Translated by R. Kevin Hill and Michael Scarpitti With an introduction and notes by R. Kevin Hill… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member jwhenderson
This is the posthumous collection of Nierzsche's miscellaneous writings. While presenting some of his thoughts on the title subject among others, the book does not have the imprimatur of the original author and has been used in ways antithetical to the Nietzsche's original life project.
LibraryThing member sfisk
Not one of his best, but still deserves merit
LibraryThing member le.vert.galant
This is, perhaps, Nietzsche's most outrageous work. It's a singular vision that has something to offend the convictions of both the left and the right. Such contemporary obsessions as identity politics and conservative nostalgia are objects of his withering, dismissive scorn. The fragmentary nature of the work precludes sustained argument, but the rationale of his critiques is easily discerned.

The new translation published in Penguin Classics strips away the anachronisms of earlier versions giving clear access to Nietzsche's thought.
… (more)


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