The Will to Power

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Other authorsWalter Kaufmann (Translator)
Hardcover, 1967




Random House, (1967)


Nietzsche's notebooks, kept by him during his most productive years, offer a fascinating glimpse into the workshop and mind of a great thinker, and compare favorably with the notebooks of Gide and Kafka, Camus and Wittgenstein. [This book] is compiled from the notebooks ... [and] is the first critical edition in any language. -Back cover.

User reviews

LibraryThing member jwhenderson
This is the posthumous collection of Nierzsche's miscellaneous writings. While presenting some of his thoughts on the title subject among others, the book does not have the imprimatur of the original author and has been used in ways antithetical to the Nietzsche's original life project.
LibraryThing member sfisk
Not one of his best, but still deserves merit


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