The Best American Short Stories 2015

by T.C. Boyle (Editor)

Paper Book, 2015




Mariner Books, 2015


Presents twenty of the best works of short fiction of the past year from a variety of acclaimed sources.

User reviews

LibraryThing member EnidaV
The Best American series is always hit and miss, but this collection is exceptionally good.
LibraryThing member byebyelibrary
I really enjoyed this year's collection. T.C. Boyle's taste in short stories tends to run toward the conventional in structure and the off-beat in character and message. You know it is a great year when you can't narrow down your favorites to a handful and there are no clunkers or head scratchers in the lot.
LibraryThing member bezoar44
What a lot of grim, pain-filled stories - not much humor in this year's edition. All were, not surprisingly, fine and well-crafted stories, but few of them left me feeling upbeat about life. I thought some of the most impressive were Victor Lodato, 'Jack, July', about addiction; Shobha Rao, 'Kavitha and Mustafa', about terrible sectarian strife; and Jess Walter, 'Mr. Voice', which ends up being a really touching appreciation of kindness and love. So, I suppose that, given Walter's entry, the collection at least ends on a positive note.… (more)


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