Paris in the Present Tense

by Mark Helprin

Hardcover, 2017





New York, NY : The Overlook Press, [2017]


Jules is confronted headlong and all at once by a series of challenges to his principles, livelihood, and home, forcing him to grapple with his complex past and find a way forward. He risks fraud to save his terminally ill infant grandson, matches wits with a renegade insurance investigator, is drawn into an act of savage violence, and falls deeply, excitingly in love with a young cellist a third his age. He forges a denouement that is staggering in its humanity, elegance, and truth.

User reviews

LibraryThing member Doondeck
Glorious prose! Helprin creates unforgettable images and descriptions of characters. This was a touching and lovely story.
LibraryThing member mabeline
Beautifully written story about 74 year old Jules Latour, tormented by the deaths of his parents and wife. Now his grandson is seriously ill. Latour, a classical musician, has a shot at making a lot of money by writing a jingle for a huge insurance co. He sees it as his chance to redeem himself and use the money to save his grandson. A wonderful on llife and death, love and music.… (more)
LibraryThing member smallwonder56
I've been a fan of Mark Helprin's writing since I read Winter's Tale years ago. His writing is so well crafted that periodically I have to go back and read passages just because they're so beautiful or so true. Paris in the Present Tense is no exception. Compelling characters, an interesting plot that draws you in and superb writing. I read one review online where the reviewer didn't care for the book because the main character didn't plan well for things happening in his life. I don't know many people who do prepare well for all the things life throws at you and those that have all the bases covered aren't very interesting people. But the main character in this story is flawed, loving, expressive and has immense integrity. A different kind of integrity, but he is what is is, all the way through.

I loved this book. I'm waiting to forget about it just a little so that I can relish it again.
… (more)



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