Tao Te Ching: Translation and Introduction, A New Version for All Seekers

by Guy Leekley

Hardcover, 2004




Anusara (2004)


For more than 2,300 years, the original Chinese of this poetic masterpiece has provided profound guidance to millions of spiritual seekers. The ancient Taoists who composed it were encouraging a spontaneous expression of our own true nature, as well as a harmonizing of our lives with the creative pulse of the universe. Its 81 short verses emerged in direct response to the official Confucian doctrines of the time, which Taoists saw as repressive, violent, and stifling of human spirit. This new version in English by Guy Leekley remains faithful to the original intent of the authors through his careful selection of equivalent words, phrases, and rhythms that capture the essence of this spiritual treasure.



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