Building the Great Society: Inside Lyndon Johnson's White House

by Joshua Zeitz

Hardcover, 2018





Viking, (2018)


Publisher Annotation: The author of Lincoln's Boys takes us inside Lyndon Johnson's White House to show how the legendary Great Society programs were actually put into practice: Team of Rivals for LBJ. The personalities behind every burst of 1960s liberal reform - from civil rights and immigration reform, to Medicare and Head Start. 400pp., 40K

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LibraryThing member Schmerguls
5588. Building the Breat Society Inside Lyndon Johnson's White House, by Joshua Zeitz (read 21 Oct 2018) This book was published in early 2018 and is by author born in 1974--long after LJ had left t he White House but it does a workmanlike job telling how LBJ came into the presidency determined to accomplish much. He wanted to win big in 1964 and he did and set out to match or outdo FDR's 100 Days. He succeeded in instituting Medicare, which now is as revered as Social Security. He also obtained the Voting Rights bill which did more than anything else to to diminish Southern resistance to civil rights, so that racists like George Wallace and Strom Thurmond had to seek black votes. The story of the efforts and tensions in the LBJ White House is well told and one has to regret that the Vietnam War brought LBJ's great work to an end. The book shows that Humphrey might have won in 1968 if the Republicans had not gotten South Vietnam to scuttle the chance for peace in October 1968--causing four more years of war and thousands more deaths.… (more)


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