The Unseen Hand and Other Plays

by Sam Shepard

Paperback, 1986





Bantam, (1986)


If you visit Sam Shepard country, expect to find bayous, deserts, and junkyards where dreams rust alongside abandoned '51 Chevys. Prepare to meet broken gunmen and refugees from distant galaxies, slavering swamp things and California Highway Patrolmen gone high-tech and blood simple. It is a country whose creator does nothing less than renew America's myths. And sometimes he invents them from scratch. In these fourteen darkly funny, furiously energetic early works for the theater, our most audacious living playwright sets genres and archetypes spinning, with results that are utterly mesmerizing.

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LibraryThing member Devil_llama
Early plays from a master American playwright; these date from the period of 1964 to 1971. They are mainly absurdist, combining the old west, the new west, and outer space, and even bringing in characters as diverse as Mae West and Paul Bunyan. While some of them lack the polish of his later plays, they are still very interesting and well worth the time spent on reading them. Most of these are shorter; only two of the plays in this collection are full length. It would be an interesting evening of theatre to see several of these early works performed together.… (more)


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