by Vanessa Veselka

Paperback, 2011





Red Lemonade, (2011)


In a dystopian America on the verge of war, Della begins making phone calls about false bomb threats in her neighborhood, but realizes too late that she may be part of something bigger when someone starts bombing some of her phony targets.

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What separates this novel is the way Veselka honors the complexity of a young, intelligent generation at once confused and overwhelmed, but willing to enact change. Della’s strength is her individuality, yet she understands that in order to create change, no matter how small, she must choose to join.

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LibraryThing member LauraJWRyan
I love this book, and have found it difficult to put it down even now that I've finished it, I’ve dog-eared many pages and the cover already has that “loved” appearance. Zazen is a little-big book, a book of its time, yet it is made from the ancient bones of brave writing — the exquisite storytelling has that special, timeless magic to make this book a classic. Vanessa Veselka’s Della possesses a wry sense of humor that hits its mark with hilarious honesty that can make you laugh and break your heart at the same time in a way that I truly appreciate. Della’s matter-of-fact voice carried me on a journey through a landscape that was both unfamiliar and yet I knew it as home, and accepted it, bombs, Wal-Mart n’ all. At the same time that I feared for Della’s safety and sanity, I knew she was made of sterner stuff, and I knew that I, as the reader, was in good hands. This book will make the faint of heart reader squirm, and the bold reader will adore it for its unique qualities. I will not only recommend the book to anyone who I know will appreciate it, it’s a book that I will give to another reader as a present only because I feel they must read it. Kudos to Vanessa Veselka for writing this beautiful little-big book, and big thank you to Richard Nash & Red Lemonade for publishing such a precious gem!… (more)
LibraryThing member Caryn.Rose
I couldn't put it down, but I am equally sure I didn't 'get' so much of it - but I didn't care. She has such amazing turns of phrase they just made me pause and read the lines over and over again.
LibraryThing member kgib
She writes really well about the present, which I think is hard to do. One of the central questions in the book is, what's the moral thing to do when a society is corrupt/broken/falling apart... the reader has to try to figure that out along with the narrator. Made me think about the Weather Underground and Merry in American Pastoral.… (more)
LibraryThing member anderlawlor
Well I can tell how much this book was marketed to me by the sheer number of my categories I think it fits. Also by the sheer number of people telling me for like a year how amazing it was. So I finally got it together to read ZAZEN and it actually held up to the hype. Exceeded, even. I want to gather my thoughts and say something more but for now I would say, read this, like-minded friends.… (more)
LibraryThing member SonjaYoerg
This novel deserves more attention. It's intriguing both in style and content without being difficult. Try it!


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