Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States

by Vincent Virga

Hardcover, 1997




Knopf (1997), Edition: 1, 399 pages


Never before has America's past been made so intriguingly accessible, both to the eyes and to the mind. Eyes of the Nation profits from seven chapters of lucid historical commentary by the distinguished historian Alan Brinkley, but at its core is a bountiful narrative-in-pictures drawn from the millions of maps, prints, photographs, posters, manuscripts, motion pictures, and other treasures in the Special Collections of the Library of Congress.

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LibraryThing member rbyrlan
If you like this book, check out the Library of Congress' American Memory website. It is an amazing archive of American history and culture and includes photographs, documents, motion pictures, sheet music, sound recordings, etc. There are over 100 collections in their database and more are being added. Some of the images in this book are in the collections.… (more)
LibraryThing member bexaplex
While reading this book, I found myself doing what I do at art museums: reading the captions scrupulously and glancing at the pictures. The images are a well-chosen assortment of maps, manuscripts, drawings, photographs, posters, movie stills, etc, but I was more interested in the tiny biographies of artists, factoids about famous artifacts (e.g. the flag-raising at Iwo Jima photograph was not staged), and other little bites in the captions.… (more)


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