In the Arts & Crafts Style

by Barbara Mayer

Hardcover, 1993




San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c1993.


Arts and Crafts design, characterized by clean, graceful lines and solid workmanship with quality materials, has experienced an explosion of popularity over the past decade with museums, collectors, and the general public. William Morris, Gustav Stickley, and Frank Lloyd Wright are among some of the most well-known designers who produced furniture and architecture in the Arts and Crafts style, while many others produced ceramics, glass, textiles, wallpaper, and silverware in the same vein. A comprehensive survey of one of America's most enduring and popular interior design styles, reflecting both traditional and contemporary interpretations, this lavishly illustrated and informative volume begins with a discussion of the origins of the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the century and traces its evolution to the present day. Over 140 glorious, full-color photographs showcase the special beauty of this simple, graceful style and depict the hallmarks of its designimpeccable construction and proportions, the use of enduring woods, exquisite finishes, handwrought hardware, and other unique touchesin every object pictured, all in the context of contemporary homes. From a New York estate filled with rare Roycraft pieces to a Beverly Hills mansion furnished in Mission oak, the book not only provides a rare glimpse into the collector's world but offers a visual blueprint for incorporating this engaging style into any household, a source index explains how to identify original pieces and directs the consumer to places where both authentic and reproduction Arts and Crafts furniture and objects can be obtained. An invaluable and inspirational reference for decorators and collectors at all levels,In the Arts and Crafts Style combines splendid photography and an enlightening text into a treasured, one-of-a-kind volume as classic and timeless as the style to which it pays tribute.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member woodshopcowboy
Gorgeous photography, excellent coffee table book. As any sort of reference book on Arts & Crafts, or as an impartial review of the movement, or as an informative survey of the Arts & Crafts movement, Mayer misses the mark. She reviews several key artisans and architects but never delves into their work or inspiration. Not only that, she refuses, or is unable or her publisher completely misses the point of pairing photographs and captions with text, she fails to deliver with any consistency photographs and captions which illuminates her words. All in all, a great book of photographs, an excellent coffee table read. As a designing guide or a source of inspiration? Not so much.… (more)



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