The History of Beads : From 30,000 B.C. to the Present

by Lois Sherr Dubin

Hardcover, 1998




New York : Abradale Press 1998.


Looks at a variety of beads produced around the world, discusses their religious and social aspects, and describes beaded clothing in primitive societies.

User reviews

LibraryThing member beadinggem
This scholarly and well researched work traces the history of beads over tens of thousands of years with many archaelogical references from around the world. The book is thick and very expensive. But for those who wish to learn more about the beads or the cultural uses of beads, this book is an invaluable resource.
LibraryThing member ApolloniaVoss
This book is the first comprehensive history of beads. "In fifteen chapters, the dominant historical, geographic, and thematic features of beads are examined for their historical information, their impact on cultural cross-fertilization, and the light they shed on the ritualistic practices of various peoples." Special chapters are included on "the special beads: amber and pearls" & "the magical eye bead." An eight page foldout bead chart (included in both editions) places full color photographs of important bead types in a historical timeline. Also included is a bead shape table, a glossary, extensive notes, bibliography, and index. The book is generously illustrated with 356 photographs, 254 in full color, technical diagrams (not in concise edition), 15 maps of bead sources and distribution patterns (not in concise edition). This is the book to own on historical beads.… (more)




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