by Derf Backderf

Paperback, 2015




Abrams ComicArts, (2015)


Graphic novel based on the author's time spent working on a garbage truck.

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Library Journal | September 2016 | Vol. 140 No. 15
"A dead cat. A headless deer. A dismembered car. A piano. A phone booth. People throw the darnedest things out, and together with the ever-present maggots and “diaper bombs,” these artifacts wind up inside Betty, J.B.’s garbage truck. ..."

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LibraryThing member rdwhitenack
An eye opening book on the state of our world and man's trashing of it. Not exactly a book that reaffirms one's belief in mankind. Also, does a good job of making the reflect on what they set on the curb and how they set it there for the garbagemen (that pick it up).
LibraryThing member kivarson
Told through the eyes of a twenty-something on the bottom of the municipal job hierarchy, Trashed provides a fascinating look at where our garbage goes and what is involved in getting it there. While this is a work of fiction, it is informed by Derf Backderf's experiences as a garbage man. Interspersed with the fictional narrative are short vignettes on the history of waste management, the development of the modern garbage truck and eye opening statistics on the resources involved in ridding ourselves of unwanted items. And it isn't just the garbage that is stinky. Backderf's take on the futility of fighting the nepotism and petty corruption of local government is spot-on.… (more)
LibraryThing member bensdad00
Gives in to the urge for factual exposition that far to many one shot graphics succumb to, but otherwise entertaining.
LibraryThing member questbird
Two sardonic trash collectors exchange wisecracks about their business and their town while doing their daily trash rounds. Horrific and gross trash facts abound. Over all is a pessimism that we can ever change our throwaway ways enough to make a difference to the mounting pile of global garbage.
LibraryThing member Eoin
A well-made and entertaining look at garbage. Backerf balances a fictionalized version of autobio with sparse, pointed statistics about waste management for a well-rounded story. A nice introduction to the topic, I wish it went further.
LibraryThing member deborahk
Learned so much from this garbage filled tale. Highly recommend.


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