Not for Bread Alone: Writers on Food, Wine, and the Art of Eating

by Daniel Halpern (Editor)

Paperback, 1993




Ecco Press, (1993)


Twenty-two acclaimed writers celebrate the art of eating Wendell Berry * Colette * William Corbett * Michael Dorris * Alexandre Dumas * M. F .K. Fisher * Michael Frank * Betty Fussell * Evan Jones * Judith B. Jones * Barbara Kafka * Madeline Kamman * Charles Lamb * Rose Macaulay * Henry Matthews * Joyce Carol Oates * Francine Prose * Paul Schmidt * James Seay * Charles Simic * Edward Steinberg * Alice Waters There is more to be gained from our daily bread than mere sustenance. Curiosity, romance, ritual, and insight can be as much a part of a meal as any of its edible ingredients. In this delectable collection of essays on fine food and drink, twenty-two renowned writers capture the gestures, the celebrations, and the moments in which food, wine, and the act of eating transcend their initial purposes to become something far greater. A window into the eating lives of a handful of our finest literary artists, Not for Bread Alone is a tasty and most satisfying delight--a true culinary classic.… (more)



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