Collision 2012 : Obama vs. Romney and the future of elections in America

by Daniel J. Balz

Hardcover, 2013




New York : Viking, [2013]


Four years ago, a bright young presidential candidate named Barack Obama campaigned on a theme of hope and change and made history. Today he finds himself in another bitter, divisive presidential race but without the buzzwords. Instead, an embattled president struggles with a dysfunctionally divided Congress, the controversial healthcare bill, a decade-long war, and a stagnant economy.

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Kirkus Reviews
A lively, fair-minded and brisk post-mortem.
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Publishers Weekly
The book provides an astute postmortem of the election and a remarkably unbiased depiction of a flawed process feeding on a polarized electorate.

User reviews

LibraryThing member kara.shamy
I received my uncorrected proof copy of Collision 2012 through the Goodreads first reads giveaway program. I felt like I had paid less attention to the 2012 election than I should have, and Dan Balz's book certainly remedied any ignorance I was concerned I was harboring.

His arguments are cogent but quite cynical. One of his most interesting ideas about an election that he characterizes, as I read it, as disappointingly stagnant is that the ideas presented by both parties were the most stagnant, unresponsive element of the campaign. I think Balz emphasized too much the increased political polarization of the electorate at the expense of this more compelling idea (in my view).

Balz does do an excellent job of citing and discussing some unique aspects of the 2012 political landscape -- the role of social media, especially the peculiar role of Twitter in public discourse about the debates, and of course the role of SuperPAC funding. His analysis is thorough and far-reaching; the book seems very well-researched as far as I can tell.

While this book may not offer as much behind-the-scenes gossip as some others, I definitely found some interesting tidbits.

Altogether, this is a worthwhile read about an important historical moment in our lives.
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LibraryThing member Katya0133
A fascinating and evenhanded account of the 2012 election.
LibraryThing member dickmanikowski
Entertaining and illuminating portrait of the tumultuous 2012 race to the White House. The convergence of super PAC funding. social media, and new heights in polling and data analysis forever changed the nature of how Americans select their chief executive.



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