Born free and equal : the story of loyal Japanese Americans, Manzanar Relocation Center, Inyo County, California : photographs from the Library of Congress collection

by Ansel Adams (Photographer)

Other authorsWynne Benti (Editor)
Hardcover, 2002




Bishop, CA : Spotted Dog Press, 2002.


There are three editions of this book:1. The facsimile edition, a photocopy of the original book (this edition).2. A re-created edition, newly typeset and with high-quality images scanned from Adams's original prints.3. An eBook, based on the re-created edition.Ansel Adams visited Manzanar at the invitation of his friend, Ralph Merritt, its second director. He published about 65 of his photographs in a 1944 book, "Born Free and Equal," which was generally reviled, even burned, as the War was still ongoing.Adams didn't renew the copyright on the book and turned all of his Manzanar negatives and prints over to the Library of Congress. The LoC website has digital images of all 112 pages of the book, but the scanning was poorly done. I straightened the pages and cropped them slightly to fit the page size of this edition, but did not otherwise alter them in any way. This edition is exactly the same as the original, although it may be of a different physical size, as I don't know the size of the original.Copies of the original book are extremely rare and, judging from the one that the LoC scanned, even their copy is in terrible condition. This edition will make the book more accessible.To keep the cost of this book as low as possible, the resolution of the printed pages is fairly coarse, but it's still quite readable and provides the same reading experience as the original book. The re-created edition, at a higher price, is of correspondingly higher quality.… (more)




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