A goose in Toulouse : and other culinary adventures in France

by Mort Rosenblum

Hardcover, 2000




New York : Hyperion, c2000.


Wending his way through the French countryside, Rosenblum takes readers on a tour of France. In Paris, he finds Alain Ducasse, with six Michelin stars, hard at work building an haute cuisine empire. He visits a snail rancher, oyster rustlers, and the fabled Chateau Petrus. Bruno the Truffle King rhapsodizes to him about fragrant black fungus. Looking at the way the French live through how they cook, eat, and market their cuisine, Rosenblum offers a picture of a country at war with the clichs that both define and degrade its national character.

Media reviews

Rosenblum’s years on the ground—he’s lived in France for roughly a quarter of a century—give him more of an insider’s status than most Americans can achieve. What’s more, he has somehow discovered the secret of getting the straight dope from sullen paysans who don’t typically have much truck with chatty foreigners. Highly satisfying.

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LibraryThing member bostonian71
Thoroughly enjoyable book for foodies and Francophiles, even with the more serious parts probing the issues of multiculturalism and French identity. Does much better than "Au Revoir to All That" at really capturing the flavors of the food and the people who persist at making it despite the rise of "McDo" fast food and the increasing bureaucracy of food regulations (thanks to the EU).… (more)



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