A Sto:lo-Coast Salish Historical Atlas

by Keith Thor Carlson (Editor)

Other authorsXwelixweltel (Foreword)
Hardcover, 2006





Douglas & McIntyre (2006), Edition: 1St Edition, 224 pages


This ground-breaking historical atlas presents a superbly researched comprehensive overview of the physical and social history of the traditional territory of the Sto: lo Nation. Sto: lo means "river", and the people take their name from the giant Fraser River that flows through their lands. Using material drawn from the larger Coast Salish region, the atlas covers northwest Washington State and southwest British Columbia, including Metropolitan Vancouver.The 86 full-color maps, most of them double-page spreads, are enhanced by archival photographs and explanatory text. They cover an astonishing range of themes that will be of interest to both a non-Native and Native American audience.The atlas is organized in three sections that deal with themes derived from Sto: lo history, cosmology, and the physical landscape of their homeland."The Sto: lo World in the Distant Past" includes the journeys of XeXa: Is, the Transformer, geology and soil, archaeological investigation, peopling, and the history of ear migration and settlement."The Sto: lo World Just as the Last Big Changes Began" includes transportation and communication routes, trade and exchange patterns, ties to territory and nascent Sto: lo nationalism, settlement patterns, house patterns, seasonal migrations, and defensive sites."Enter the Europeans in the Sto: lo World" includes historic population trends, European exploration, European presence, Indian reserve creation and reduction, urbanization and transportation corridors, forestry, wildlife inventory, threatened and endangered waterways, parks and protected areas, seasonal wind and humidity in the Fraser Canyon, Sto: lo resource and property ownership, satellit Sto: lo place names. There is also a chronology of Sto: lo history.… (more)


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