A handbook to literature

by C. Hugh Holman

Hardcover, 1972




Indianapolis, Odyssey Press [1972]


Thedefinitive,contemporary reference on literature and literary criticism in English, this handbook provides an alphabetical listing of more than 2,000 important terms and facts in literature, linguistics, rhetoric, criticism, printing, bookselling, and information technology.Covers a wide range of terms, most centered in literature, but extending into other areas, such as film, radio, TV, printing, linguistics and literary theory, music, graphic arts, classical studies, and computing and information science terms.For anyone interested in literature and literary criticism.

User reviews

LibraryThing member jcelrod
I was made to buy this in my first Lit Crit class as an undergrad and, although we never directly used it in the class, this has been one of the most valuable books I collected in college!
LibraryThing member emurray35
This is a fantastic resource for English teachers and students. Most entries are easily accessible for students at the college level.
LibraryThing member aliceludlow
I have used this book in large ammounts of my literature studies at the university, and despite bing an old edition it still holds key terms to make studies just a little easier on students.



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