Arctic adventure : my life in the frozen North

by Peter Freuchen

Hardcover, 1935




New York : Farrar & Rinehart, c1935.


Peter Freuchen had a life of remarkable adventure. He lived in Greenland, 800 miles from the North Pole, for fifteen years, adopted native ways of life, married an Inuit woman, and had two children. In Arctic Adventure he writes of seal and polar bear hunts; surviving starvation; meeting people who'd resorted to cannibalism; and of the moving experience of seeing the sun after three months of winter darkness.

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LibraryThing member jimmaclachlan
He spent years living with Eskimos & gives a first hand account of his adventures. Some of them are quite memorable since our technology was quite new to many of them. Others tell us about the remarkable hardships & resilience of humans. Some customs & events had me laughing to hard to read further for minutes at a time. A truly wonderful book.

If you like it, check out his second wife's book, Adventures in the Artic. Basically the same tale, but told by her. She wasn't there, but she knew him & heard his stories. There are some additional stories & details that add a lot of depth to this entire adventure.
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