Writings and drawings

by James Thurber

Hardcover, 1996





New York, N.Y. : Literary Classics of the United States, c1996.


Gathers previously uncollected cartoons and humorous stories.

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LibraryThing member Devil_llama
Vintage Thurber, collected from his many writings. Includes the entire Last Flower parable, which is a wonderful short work illustrated with the characteristically minimalist drawings that create additional delight in these works of humor. The work is at its best when he's writing about his childhood and the strange shenanigans and goings on of a very chaotic extended family. Although some of the works will not date well, because of the slang of the time, and numerous references to the technology of an earlier era, for those who enjoy turn of the century humor and dry wit, these works are an exercise in sheer delight. Some of his cartoons, though, fall totally flat, probably because they related to everyday events of the time, rather than the page-turners that entered the history books. Still, it is unusual that a book of this length (nearly 1000 pages) doesn't begin to feel too long until the final 200 pages, and that is a testament to the talent of the author (and probably the editor, as well).… (more)




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