Aiiieeeee! : an anthology of Asian American writers

by Frank Chin (Editor)

Other authorsLawson Fusao Inada (Editor.), Shawn Wong (Editor.), Jeffery Paul Chan (Editor.), Tara Fickle (Foreword)
Paperback, 2019




Seattle : University of Washington Press, 2019.


"In the eyes of white America, "Aiiieeeee!" was the racist cry from Asian Americans, their singular expression of all emotions-it signified and perpetuated Asian Americans as inscrutable, foreign, obedient, self-hating, undesirable, and one dimensional. With this anthology, first published in 1974, Frank Chin, Jeffery Chan, Lawson Inada, and Shawn Wong outlined the history of Asian American literature and boldly drew the boundaries for what was truly Asian American and what was white puppetry. Showcasing fourteen uncompromising works from authors such as Carlos Bulosan and John Okada, the editors introduced readers to a variety of daring voices. Forty-five years later, the groundbreaking anthology remains a vital collection that still sparks controversy. In the seventies, it helped to establish Asian American literature as a serious and distinct literary tradition, and today, the editors' forceful voices still reverberate in contemporary discussions about American literary traditions. Now back in print with a new foreword by literary scholar Tara Fickle, this third edition of the book is an essential anthology that demonstrates how Asian Americans fought for-and seized-their place in the American literary canon"--… (more)



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