Early Works: Lawd Today! Uncle Tom's Children Native Son

by Richard Wright

Hardcover, 1991





New York, N.Y. : Library of America : Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Viking Press, c1991.


Contains the complete texts of three works by African-American author Richard Wright: "Native Son," and its companion essay "How 'Bigger' Was Born"; Wright's first novel "Lawd, Today!"; and the story collection "Uncle Tom's Children." Includes a chronology of Wright's life and notes on his writings.

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LibraryThing member SeriousGrace
I realize the point Richard Wright is trying to make is one of social injustice and how racism can lead innocent people down the wrong path. I realize there is a sociological lesson to be learned from Native Son. Bigger Thomas is portrayed as a 21 year old African American sent out to work for the white man so that his mother and younger siblings have a place to live. With the 1930s as the backdrop it is portrayed that the African American man of that era has a choice - either be a church-going, loyal and submissive type, or a jaded, violent, hardened criminal type. There is no chance for anything in between. Yet, Bigger tries. He is constantly trying. Unfortunately, he is haunted by a paranoid hatred of white people. His fear that they are always out to "get him" gets him in touble time and time again. He is constantly thinking the worst of everyone around him and that causes him to make terrible decisions. There is rape, murder and the death penalty in this book.… (more)


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