Bear and the Wildcat

by Kazumi Yumoto

Other authorsKomako Sakai (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2011


Gecko (2011), 46 pages


When the Bear's friend, the little bird, dies, Bear is inconsolable. Full of grief, he locks himself in his house and ventures out again only when the smell of spring grass blows in through his window. He meets a wildcat and finally feels understood. As the cat plays his violin, Bear remembers all the fun he had with the little bird. Now he can say goodbye to his friend, because he knows he'll always have his memories.

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LibraryThing member madhamster
The Bear's best friend, a little bird, dies. In his grief, Bear makes a beautiful box and lays the bird inside. He takes his box everywhere with him, but others don't understand when he shows them its contents. So, he stays home, alone and sad. Until the sun shines... and, venturing outside, he meets a wildcat who understands his grief and helps Bear remember his friend.
Simple scratch-board like illustrations in black and cream, with occasional splashes of pink, perfectly convey the subdued mood of the story.
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46 p.; 7.24 inches


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