Big Smelly Bear

by Britta Teckentrup

Board book, 2013


Boxer Books (2013), Edition: Brdbk, 26 pages


Big Fluffy Bear insists that Big Smelly Bear visit the pond for a bath before she will scratch the itch he cannot reach.

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LibraryThing member TorrieM
This book is about a smelly bear who no one wanted to talk to. No one would go near him because he smelled so bad. One day he met another bear who told him he needed to take a bath and he did. I would use this book for Kindergarten. It is a way to teach about hygiene to your class.
LibraryThing member patsila
this is one of the cutest, most humorous books we've found at our library. What a treat!
If you have a kid who struggles in the hygiene department, this book is definitely for you! Big Smelly Bear is a good bear, but doesn't have any friends. Looks like it's probably due to the fact that he never bathes. He's happy living in solitude (though occasionally curious about what it would be like to have a friend) until one day he gets an itch he just can't reach. He tries all manner of things to relieve the itch, including rolling on the ground which makes him dirtier than ever, but it keeps getting worse and he gets no relief.
Big Fluffy Bear notices his suffering and informs him that he is itchy because he's dirty and has a swarm of flies always around him. She politely recommends a bath, but he argues with her. It gets a little heated and she finally shouts that he STINKS.
Big Smelly Bear finally accepts the hint, and slinks down to the river and bathes reluctantly.
After doing so, Big Fluffy Bear praises him and rewards him by scratching the itch.
Stubborn Big Smelly Bear says that he will never bathe again, but having become quite fond of Big Fluffy Bear, sneaks down to the river after dark from time to time to clean up :)

May have to revisit this cute little gem when middle school rolls around!

(high 1st grade level)
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LibraryThing member nancyken
Big Fluffy Bear insists that Big Smelly Bear visit the pond for a bath before she will scratch the itch he cannot reach.
LibraryThing member nclibrarian724
A bear is convinced by his friends that its a good idea to take a bath
LibraryThing member DaniBook
Big Smelly Bear is a bear that never takes a bath. He is starting to smell and all of the other animals in the forest stay away from him. Big Smelly Bear has a bad itch and needs someone to scratch it for him, but he has no friends. Big Fluffy Bear see that he has a problem, but she tells him that she will not help him until he has taken a bath. Even though he was reluctant, he took a bath and Big Fluffy Bear scratched his back. He really likes Big Fluffy Bear, so he continues to take baths even though he pretends like he doesnt want to.… (more)
LibraryThing member sommerkirk
This modern fantasy is about a smelly bear who nobody wants to be around because he smells so bad and is so dirty. One day this bear has an itch he can't scratch and needs help from a fluffy bear, who tells him he needs to wash himself before she helps him. At first big smelly bear refuses and will not wash himself, but eventually fluffy bear convinces him to. The two scratch each others backs and eventually become friends and big smelly bear secretly takes baths at night time.… (more)
LibraryThing member bookbrig
Used this for some storytime practice, and it was really quite cute.
LibraryThing member Jessie_Bear
The title character of this book refuses to bathe, until one day his back itches so much that he bathes as a compromise to get Big Fluffy Bear to scratch his back. Big Smelly Bear is a tale with a moral, emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene. Kids can relate to bath time avoidance, but still feel sorry for Big Smelly Bear when no one but flies will go near him. The prose is simple as well as direct, using just the right vocabulary level and word count to relate its tale to its intended audience. Teckentrup uses textured color, adding complexity and depth to her illustrations. Readers can identify with Big Smelly Bear’s itchy back, which Teckentrup portrays so convincingly that the reader may begin to feel a back itch as well. White backgrounds follow Big Smelly Bear in his loneliness, replaced with full color backgrounds when he makes a friend. This well-paced story is ideal for reading out loud with its large format and crisp illustrations which make good use of the allotted space within a page spread. Big Smelly Bear is highly recommended for children ages two to six.… (more)
LibraryThing member CatGoya
This book is on hygiene. The importance of taking a bath.


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