Guri and Gura's Special Gift

by Rieko Nakagawa

Other authorsRichard McNamara (Translator), Peter Howlett (Translator), Yuriko Yamawaki (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2003


Tuttle Publishing (2003), 32 pages


In Guri and Gura's Special Gift, the two lovable field mice make a new friend when Violet arrives--carrying a giant squash on her back. Guri and Gura decide to make delicious squash meals for everyone. Once Violet uses her Mom's secret to solve the problem of cutting through the hard skin of the giant squash, all their forest friends join Guri, Gura, and Violet for a wonderful feast. This story of giving, sharing--and cooking!--will captivate both young children and their parents.


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32 p.; 10.5 inches


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