Milky Way Railroad (Stone Bridge Fiction)

by Kenji Miyazawa

Other authorsRyu Okazaki (Illustrator), Joseph Sigrist (Translator), D. M. Stroud (Translator)
Paperback, 2008


Stone Bridge Press (2008), 128 pages


One night, alone on a hilltop, a young boy is swept aboard a magical train bound for the Milky Way. A classic in Japan, this tender fable is a book of great wisdom, offering insight into the afterlife. One of Japan's greatest storytellers, Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933) was a teacher, author, poet, and scientist.

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LibraryThing member jjmcgaffey
Um, what? I was going to be unhappy - well, no, I am unhappy I read the foreword first and it had a major spoiler in it. It actually changed how I understood the story - spoilers seldom do, for me, but this one did. But the story is so full of SYMBOLISM, most of which made no sense to me, that my annoyance about the spoiler was rather diluted. I have little or no idea what was going on for most of the story - the bird catcher? The teacher and the children's origin was clear - but why did Kenji get so whiny about the girl? Walnut trees and electric squirrels, bombs(?) in the heavenly river, so what _was_ the story of the twins? Where did the professor come in? And a happy(?) ending - except Kenji's lost his one friend. I have no idea. Possibly if I were immersed in Japanese folklore I'd understand it better, but I didn't even see any of what I do know about Japanese folklore, except a brief mention of cranes, then a long discussion of herons (and why cake?). Not a winner, for me.… (more)


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