Rad American women A-Z

by Kate Schatz

Other authorsMiriam Klein Stahl (Illustrator.)
Paper Book, 2015




San Francisco : City Lights Books, [2015]


"Profiled are 26 American women from the 18th through 21st centuries, who have made-or are still making--history as artists, writers, teachers, lawyers, or athletes. The women come from a variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds and many had to overcome extreme hardships. One woman represents each alphabetical letter beginning with Angela Davis, an activist, teacher, and writer, and concludes with Zora Neale Hurston, an anthropologist and writer."--Publisher.


½ (66 ratings; 4.5)

User reviews

LibraryThing member Sullywriter
An excellent collection of brief profiles of great women, some well-known and some not. There were a few, like Jovita Idar, Lucy Parsons, and Virginia Apgar, that I'd never heard of, and most of the others have not been widely covered for children in singular biographies or other anthologies. The
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author also does an excellent job with the dreaded X.
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LibraryThing member melissarochelle
Read on May 21, 2015

Such a wonderful variety of artists, activists, and amazing women are featured in this gem. It isn't going to be helpful for a school report -- it's more like a gateway drug to learning more about rad women. At times I wanted it to go into a little more detail, but overall I
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think it's perfect for the intended audience.

I loved the idea I glanced from another reviewer to read one section everyday of Women's History Month!
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LibraryThing member acargile
This nonfiction book presents 26 women who did amazing things.

Beginning with the letter “A” and going to the letter “Z,” Kate Schatz and the illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl take one page to tell about a woman who was “rad.” They define rad as “radical,” “something different from
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the usual,” or “cool.” A few of the women you will have heard of, but several were new to me. The author and illustrator write that so often men are the main people studied in history classes, but there are women who should be recognized as well. Some of the women they present are as follows: Angela David, Billie Jean King, Carol Burnett, Dolores Huerta, Nellie Bly, Sonia Sotomayor, and Zora Neale Hurston.

The book has a great purpose, but the writing seems to be more geared for younger students. There’s little depth--merely an introduction and quick summary of each woman’s accomplishments. There were surprisingly quite a few Texans and many were associated with racial discrimination. It’s a decent introduction to women who helped change America. They were definitely all brave, smart, courageous, and talented. They didn’t believe in maintaining the status quo but used their time and talents to create change. It shows that with energy and determination, each individual can make a difference. It’s a very positive look at women that girls should all be aware.
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LibraryThing member mirikayla
Best possible description: "This is not a book. This is a guest list for a party of my heroes. Thank you for inviting us." —Lemony Snicket
LibraryThing member mcintorino
This is a perfect book to introduce young readers to the contributions of women to society. The format is simple and easy to follow. The language is accessible. The book follows an A-Z format which is familiar, and yet original.

This book is perfect for a gender studies class. It is a great
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introduction for younger readers to women in America. This would appeal to readers who want to know more about great American women. This would also appeal to readers who like American history.
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LibraryThing member michelleannlib
Excellent, just excellent.
LibraryThing member melissa_tullo
I am recommending this book not just because it's simplistic format and colorful illustrations but because it's also a great resource to introduce young readers to some of the extraordinary women of history who may be often overlooked. The women represented are listed in this book alphabetically, A
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is for activist Angela Davis and Z is for author Zora Neale Hurston, from diverse factions. There is even a clever entry for the letter X as the women who's stories have been lost to history and as an "X marks the spot" for where we stand to contribute our own story to this rad history. This book is perfect for middle school and elementary kids doing a biography project or just looking to gain some information on new subjects, the entries are written in a manner that's easy to read and don't bog the reader down with details.
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LibraryThing member liz.mabry
Cried all through this, especially at X.
LibraryThing member amandabock
What a great collection of accomplished women- artists, activists, athletes, entertainers, thinkers, and doers. Each brief biography efficiently tells what each woman is famous for and why they are considered heroes today, all in an engaging manner that will pique curiosity. The true measure of any
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alphabet book is how they deal with X. "X is for the women whose names we don't know" is probably one of the most elegant I've ever seen.

While this book will certainly be of interest to adults and teens, I see no reason why it couldn't also be in an elementary library.
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LibraryThing member bookbrig
I liked the wide mix of women in this book, though I would have loved if they could have included a disability advocate as well. It's a great primer and would be perfect for homework or research projects because it's not boring/dry.
LibraryThing member cbrwn92
If there was a way to give more than five stars I would. I was so enraptured to see the variety of women included in this book, describing the history of my country in a way that is rarely done. This should be on everyone's - parent, teacher, and human - shelf .
LibraryThing member ToniFGMAMTC
Awesome idea. Has women from all different backgrounds that affected all different areas of life for those around them and future generations. (sports, academics, education, law, science, activism, etc.)
There's a woman for each letter of the alphabet. Some are from back in history and some are
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still alive today.
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