The Silent Passage by Sheehy, Gail (1992) Paperback

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"All women face menopause, but, as Gail Sheehy so compellingly reveals in interviews with women from a broad spectrum of economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, the passage is seldom easy. Distracting symptoms, confusing medical advice, unsympathetic reactions from loved ones, and the scornful attitudes of society at large often make menopause a lonely and emotionally draining experience." "In this groundbreaking book, Sheehy sets out to erase the stigma of menopause and "render normalcy to a normal physical process." She writes frankly about her own experiences and uncovers the frustrations of other women who have long suffered in silence. She brings together the most current information from the United States and abroad and assesses women's options and risks. This is a book of candor and hope that places menopause within the cycle of life as "the gateway to a second adulthood."" "When portions of this book first appeared in Vanity Fair, the response was immediate and electrifying. For everyone who has experienced menopause--and the millions of women of the baby-boom generation who will soon face it--The Silent Passage is sure to become a touchstone."--Jacket.… (more)


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LibraryThing member herschelian
I found this book immensely helpful in deciding how I would manage my menopause. I have lent it to many friends when they reached the same stage in life. There are many books by gynaecologists and specialists in women's health, but the ones I've read are less about how you feel and more about the
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specifics of HRT or natural remedies - as these are rapidly changing other books date very quickly. Sheehy's book is as useful now as it was when it was written. Highly recommended reading for all women.
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LibraryThing member jmcdbooks
Rated: C+
Interesting read for husbands with wives entering menopause

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