It's Always Something

by Gilda Radner

Hardcover, 1989





Simon and Schuster (1989), Edition: 20th, 269 pages


"I started out to write a book called A Portrait of the Artist as a Housewife. I wanted to write a collection of stories, poems and vignettes about things like my toaster oven and my relationships with plumbers, mailmen and delivery people. But life dealt me a much more complicated story..." Gilda Radner died on May 20, 1989, shortly before publication of her book It's Always Something. A month before her death, Gilda entered a Los Angeles recording studio to deliver what would be her final performance -- this remarkable audio autobiography, in which she reveals the inspirational story of her struggles with cancer...a private, personal battle in which the humor and humanity that has touched millions became her most powerful weapon.


½ (137 ratings; 3.9)

User reviews

LibraryThing member CarolO
RIP Gilda. What a bittersweet read. She writes honestly about her battle with ovarian cancer and right up to the last word never admits defeat. I admired her standing up to doctors that only saw her as a disease not as a person. But she doesn’t paint herself as a saint, she admits when she is
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crabby or jealous of healthy people or afraid. Her ongoing revelation of the power of taking control of your own recovery is inspirational.
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LibraryThing member AliceAnna
Overall, a very bad book. I truly loved Gilda Radner but she came across in this book as very flighty, whiny and needy. And the picture she portrayed of Gene Wilder was not really attractive -- she was almost an apologist at times when some of his actions struck me as pretty hurtful. She didn't do
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him any favors. However, the whole book was worth reading for a story on the last two pages, of a pregnant dog that lost her two rear legs. Not only did she survive and learn how to walk, her puppies walked just like her -- to me showing how spirit and will can help us get through our trials.
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Grammy Award (Winner — 1990)


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