First Lady from Plains

by Rosalynn Carter

Hardcover, 1984




Houghton Mifflin (1984), Edition: 2nd printing, 370 pages


Rosalynn Carter tells of her experiences in politics, and especially as First Lady.

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LibraryThing member fulner
This audio book was just as good as the memories of her husband. I was't sure how I'd take to hearing about putting on dinner parties in the Gerogia Governors' mansion, but Mrs. Carter explains it in an amusing way, that only more makes me wish that Jimmy hadn't had such a failed economic policy and would have been able to beat Regan so I could have experienced a real family of the people.

From starting the story to them having to fix the pipes in their Plains, GA home themselves the night before Jimmy's inauguration, to their famous Camp David Summit where Israel and Egypt signed a lasting peace deal, to the Iran contra.

She's a real winner, sticking by her man when no one else would, and giving him a real what for when everyone else told him his butt didn't stink. And still doing monthly household budget meetings even when the White House staff could have taken care of everything for them.

I felt I could hear Suzanne telling these stories about me someday, if only Michigan was ready for a state senator who respected individual liberty?
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