Life Itself!

by Elaine Dundy

Paperback, 2002




Little, Brown Book Group (2002), 400 pages


Author of the celebrated and hilarious THE DUD AVOCADO, the classic novel about a young American ingenue in Paris, Elaine Dundy was born in New York in the 1930s. Her first years were spent in an apartment on Park Avenue until the stock market crash wiped out most of the family's money. She went to university in the south where, among other studies, she worked hard at losing her virginity. Deciding the stage was her true home, Elaine Dundy headed first to Paris and then to London, where she met and married the famous theatre critic Kenneth Tynan. Though their union was intoxicating, it was far from easy and the successful publication in 1958 of her novel finished off the marriage. But it was the opening of a new world of writers for Elaine Dundy, including friendships with Tennessee Williams, Hemingway and Gore Vidal. Extremely funny and extraordinarily honest this wonderfully remembered story of growing up in America is as much a tonic as life itself.… (more)


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LibraryThing member Capybara_99
The autobiography of Elaine Dundy, the author of, most notably, The Dud Avocado. Probably most engaging for those already acquainted with her work (or that of Kenneth Tynan, though you won't come away liking Tynan more than you did when you started the book), but still an interesting portrait of
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life among the luminaries of late fifties and beyond without such previous knowledge. The portrait of her difficult marriage to Tynan is the heart of the book (though not the whole of it), and is notable for her openness. Mostly, I come away from the book wishing I'd known her -- what an exemplary life in its way, and what a great personality.
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