The Second Shift

by Arlie Hochschild

Paperback, 2003




Penguin Books (2003), Edition: Reissue, 352 pages


"More than twenty years ago, sociologist and University of California, Berkeley, professor Arlie Hochschild set off a tidal wave of conversation and controversy with his bestselling book, The Second Shift In it, she examined what really happens in dual-career households. Adding together time in paid work, child care, and housework, she found that working mothers put in a month of work a year more than their spouses. Updated for a workforce now half female, this edition cites a range of new studies and statistics and includes a new afterword in which Hochschild assesses how much-and how little-has changed for women today."--Pub. desc.


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LibraryThing member HeatherWhitney
Everybody should read this.
LibraryThing member Devil_llama
I would like to say this book is somewhat dated, but unfortunately, studies show it is not. Things have changed only a little. The interviews with the families are interesting and the time she spends with them that often puts the lie to what they say, in that the men do even less work on the second
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shift than what they report. The worst thing is that so many of the women seem to think that there is something wrong with them if they don't do the entire "having it all" bit...and of course, doing it all. The research seems a little less than rigorous, but as an anecdotal and sociological study, it does contain some interesting things, and the author writes in a lucid and interesting style.
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