Ava: My Story

by Ava Gardner

Hardcover, 1990




Bantam (1990), 315 pages


Just before her death in 1990, Ava Gardner finished recording a chronicle of her life. Born to a poor farmer, she underwent a transformation to a sultry movie star. She reveals her roots and her tempestuous private life, including a long and complex friendship with Howard Hughes.


½ (21 ratings; 3.8)

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LibraryThing member LilyEvans
I read this book in one day because I couldn't put it down. It was so interesting, unlike more monotonous biographies I've read, owing perhaps to the fact that it is Ms. Gardner herself who voices this biography. The only problem I had was that some of the info contradicited with Mickey Rooney's
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account of their marriage, which makes me doubt the authenticity of both biographies. One of them is lying, and that kind of takes away from the biography.
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LibraryThing member librarygeek33
Fascinating life. It shows how we think we know about famous people because we see them on the screen. This one really surprised me, in a good way.


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