Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit: Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit

by Sean Hepburn Ferrer

Paperback, 2005




Atria Books (2005), Edition: Reprint, 256 pages


A portrait of the celebrated movie actress, as presented by her son, recounts her most noted performances, her work as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, and her role as a dedicated wife and mother.


(81 ratings; 4.2)

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LibraryThing member msmalnick
A lovely, worthy look, full of photos and anecdotes, of an incredibly elegant woman.
LibraryThing member tap_aparecium
There are such beautiful full page photos in this book and some touching pieces. I'm tempted to take photos out of it and frame them but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. Audrey Hepburn truly was a classic beauty inside and out and this book shows that. I think I'll always admire
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LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
The copy I read had, sadly, pages missing. This is a son talking about his famous mother's life, it isn't in depth but it reflects on her life and how she loved and was loved and how much she cared about children and her work with UNICEF. He caught me and made me feel glad to have spend some time
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with them both. Features a lot of pictures of the family.

There are a lot of photographs and they range from professional to personal, occasionally the text is interrupted a bit too much by photographs.
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LibraryThing member pennsylady
This became a 5 * and a favorite for me.

The title is perfect "An Elegant Spirit"

A touching memorial, unprecedented..........
Nearly 300 photos and documents included.

I loved it!
LibraryThing member Natalia_Sh
It’s a wonderful book written with love, respect, and tenderness. There are many professional photos along with family ones. It is a book about Her and not only her. It’s also about wars, children dying of hunger, and our responsibility for all this. I recommend this book for everyone because
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her life is teaching us how to be loving, strong, and be able to feel compassion for people in needs.
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LibraryThing member LeslieHurd
Audrey Hepburn as viewed through the loving eyes of her son, Sean Ferrer. While the book is full of pictures by many famous photographers, as well as family photos, the subject matter is her impact as a mother, friend and humanitarian. She is represented as the gentle loving woman she portrayed in
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many of her movies. Despite being world famous, she was without pride and counted the love of family, friends, and those in need as her true essence.
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