When I See The Wild God: Encountering Urban Celtic Witchcraft

by Ly De Angeles

Paperback, 2004




Llewellyn Publications (2004), Edition: First Edition, 240 pages


Deepen your knowledge of the sacred mysteries . . . enter the space where nothing begins and nothing ends . . . reclaim your pagan heritage. A unique blend of witchcraft instruction, Celtic mythology, and urban fantasy, this work goes beyond ordinary witchcraft manuals. Ly de Angeles provides insight into the Celtic perspective of sacredness, and presents invocations, visualizations, and urban magic rituals for the equinoxes, solstices, and the four Fire Festivals. Other magical theory and practice explored in this handbook: * Law of Three * logos and mythos * animism * pantheism * the Four Worlds * death and timelessness * the Elements * shapeshifting * Tuatha dé Danann * the Quicken Tree Literary, eclectic, and infused with a masculine sensibility, When I See the Wild God is your guide to the Déithe and draíocht-the gods and magic that exist within and around you.… (more)


½ (6 ratings; 3.8)


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240 p.; 5.98 inches


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