Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy

by Mary Daly

Paperback, 1993




HarperCollins (1993), Edition: Reissue, 473 pages


This title aims to offer a journey into the interior of language. The author reveals the patriarchal construction of language and religious imagery, offering alternatives.

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LibraryThing member keylawk
A FUN romp through three depictionary "Realms"--Archespheres (Sadosociety and its Legitimators, Exorcising, elemental potency), Pyrospheres (plastic and potted passion, E-motion, Vulcan virtues and tidy demons, Tidal muses), Metamorphospheres (Be-Longing, Be-friending, Be-Witching).

This is a critique of virtues and the 'sins' of our foreskins. For example, in the "sadoworld, in which Reason is un-Realized and passions plasticized, it is inevitable that the naming of virtues is vitiated....Self-destructive acts performed by women are so consistently praised as 'courageous' (often BY women) that the reality of this virtue is almost totally obscured." [218]… (more)


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