The Moon is Always Female

by Marge Piercy

Paperback, 1991




Alfred A Knopf (1991), 133 pages


Her seventh and most wide ranging collection. In the 1st of 2 sections, the poems move from the amusingly elegiac to the erotic, the classical to the funny. The 2nd section is a series of 15 poems for a calendar based on lunar rather than solar divisions


(75 ratings; 4.1)

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LibraryThing member RuTemple
Its presence on the shelf a sign of any good bookstore, this has not to my knowledge been out of print since 1980. Nor, for so many good reasons, should it ever be.
LibraryThing member VioletBramble
Piercy is one of my favorite poets. I'd categorize her as a feminist poet. Most of her poems feel very personal and I'm left feeling as if I know something about her and her life. The first section of the book is this type of personal poetry and the second section is poems inspired by the moon and
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lunar cycle, many about menstruation and the influence of the moon on women.
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LibraryThing member whitewavedarling
This is a readable and relaxing collection, exploring the casual in graceful and head-turning language. Mostly narrative in style, the poetry here has a constant eye to the feminine experience, to the place of the artist, and to individual independence from society and gender roles. At times, the
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poems seem deceptively simple, but many of them have a depth that invites further consideration and gives a nod to the irony embedded in everyday experiences.

I found this collection relaxing and straightforward, refreshing in its humor and quiet depth. I'd recommend it to poetry readers, with the single warning that the first half of the book is undoubtedly the stronger portion of the book, so that while the whole work Is worth reading...the end is somewhat disappointing and plan in comparison to the beginning. Still, highly recommended.
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LibraryThing member hopeevey
I came across this book at random at a local used book store. From the title, I expected, fluffly, trite, possibly pagan, probably feminist poetry. A confession - I looked at it to make fun of it. Instead, I found myself moved by the first poem I read. I flipped to another random page, sure that
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was a fluke. The next poem gripped my heart as well. I repeated that twice more before realizing that if I didn't buy the volume, I was going to sit myself down right there and read it in the store.

I took a long time to read this. I enjoyed being able to give each poem as much time and attention as it needed. I don' think this would be everybody's cup of tea, but I found it powerful, moving, and a joy to read.
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